Children of Authoritarian Parents

Learning about the many parenting styles, I found it difficult to recognize where the families I surround myself in would be placed. Being an immigrant from a family whose chrono-system was affected by the Rwandan Genocide, their parenting style seem to be a mixture of traditional and authoritarian parenting. Which, in my opinion is fascinating, … Continue reading Children of Authoritarian Parents

Recommendations for Parents of College Students

Both my parents went to college in Africa and were successful in their careers in medicine. This never changed when we came to the US. They started from the beginning, took the GED and took college classes and within the eight years since they came, completed they’re associate in nursing, an accelerated bachelors in nursing … Continue reading Recommendations for Parents of College Students

Study Sessions Filled with Love

Our rendition of spending time together is spent literally studying together. And being this space has been interesting. Together it's been great, trekking for places to study knowing we would either end up in the library or math building. Watching him talk to his classmates about induction and sets that gets me more attracted to … Continue reading Study Sessions Filled with Love