Children of Authoritarian Parents

Learning about the many parenting styles, I found it difficult to recognize where the families I surround myself in would be placed. Being an immigrant from a family whose chrono-system was affected by the Rwandan Genocide, their parenting style seem to be a mixture of traditional and authoritarian parenting. Which, in my opinion is fascinating, … Continue reading Children of Authoritarian Parents

Steven Universe Soothes Me

I forever loved cartoons and have a mixture of random genres under my viewer belt that I have watched. Trust, I have watched all spectrum of shows and none get me like illustrious show Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar. Mostly because of their pastel colors, realistic body types and their irregular ass problems, it's a … Continue reading Steven Universe Soothes Me

God is Silent on African Dictators, the West and Africans Shouldn’t

A great read of my own experiences questioning religion and who it seems to work in favor for.


In what has become a familiar refrain for African countries, Rwandan President Paul Kagame extended his country’s term limits thus granting himself the chance to extend his already exhaustive stay in power. Joining Kagame in the exclusive club of would be despots is the youthful and “born-again” leader of a country as small and historically perilous as his. That leader, Pierre Nkurunziza, won a disputed election last July that virtually guarantees him the right to govern Burundi until fate decides to surrender him into the hands of Hades. Word from Messrs.’ Kagame and Nkurunziza is that their rule represents the will of the people of their respective republics, and a casual glance at the winning margins of both men suggests that their claims are true; Kagame claimed 93% of the vote in the last election while Nkurunziza’s 70% should make him envious of his neighbor.

Kagame and Nkurunziza’s overtures burden…

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Recommendations for Parents of College Students

Both my parents went to college in Africa and were successful in their careers in medicine. This never changed when we came to the US. They started from the beginning, took the GED and took college classes and within the eight years since they came, completed they’re associate in nursing, an accelerated bachelors in nursing … Continue reading Recommendations for Parents of College Students

Adolescents in Film

Coming from an upbringing in Zambia, a lot of what I watched though were African shows and movies, don’t get it wrong, with cable and without my parents channel restrictions until 4:00PM. Your girl was on it with Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, freaking Hallmark WHOO! We watch your shit too, might as well watch our … Continue reading Adolescents in Film