I Will Have You One Day

I have lived with dogs most of my childhood. Thinking back they were the ones I turned to when I was bored, sad or curious. I miss the dogs that grew with us back home in Zambia. They were definitely anxiety prone, aggressive dogs that were very protective of the family and their food. These dogs would definitely cause a few lawsuits by others and honestly a few of us would sue these dogs too. Our dogs were guard dogs. When we needed them, they definitely did the job. But when I came home from school, they were excited to see me, they loved to run around and play. And trust when there was no electricity for days, they were hanging out with you while you were starting a fire in the dark. It was scary to be alone and a lot of the time, they were there for me. It took coming to the US to learn that we didn’t really try to stimulate our dogs at all. And much of the “play biting” isn’t something that should be acceptable. But man, I really want a dog. 

You are probably wondering, well.. Why don’t you then, go get a dog. Before I do anything I research to insure no one can tell me I can’t. I’m always ready for any clap-back and my partner doesn’t help because he always asks for evidence to support my arguments. So your girl got better at doing research. ANYWAYS! I learned the basics like; dogs are supposed to be indoors, trained enough to stay quiet, what leashes are, how it’s not normal to bite you. You know…. the regular shit. But when they started to talk about how they were financially costly, I had to sit back and think to myself. This what we learned: 

  • The Adoption Fee: Maybe $350- 400, understandable because these shelters are out where caring for them and I gotta support the unwanted because as a Black woman. I know how it feels okay. 
  • The Insurance-  $30-40 per month. Because I know as I am figuring out its food or pretending to make my poor puppy become the athlete I never was. We might need a few visits…and it’s required by my landlord. 
  • DAMN Landlord: $500 pet deposit and $50 monthly pet fee. Yeah you saw the amount, forget paying for my cavities and paying for my student loans piling up. I’ll name my dog; Nelnet. 
  • Food, Tools and Toys: $50-200 bruh, it varies because maybe your dog chooses different toys daily, or needs more stimulation or brain games. Otherwise my furniture can become their chew toy. 
  • ALSO Training classes: Free- $100. Because I don’t know squat about raising a dog. In most countries it’s like raising a hyperactive child that needs to go running, learn when to calm down. Train everyday until they are freaking pro-athletes. 

I am telling you if this pans out, you will see me on those dog shows where White people show off whose dogs are the most pure breed and weirdly expensive. But I will show up with my Mutt and stride through the stage wearing basically anything Beyonce wears in “Black is King”. And my own, can’t afford rent looking, loud ass snotty dog right beside me. Yes..she will be also in a gown. 

Truthfully, I also don’t have the time for a dog or any pet because I want to do it right. It’s easy to get another being to be codependent to feel a sense of happiness and then forget about it after it longer has its intrigue. I want to be a good companion to my pet and want to have that time for both of us to nurture and trust each other. But right now, after all this research I learned I need more time. So this is to my future pet and to all the dogs I scroll through on dog shelter sites like it’s freaking Instagram. I am coming for you one day and I will be so ready for the crazy journey you will experience with me. I won’t name you after a loan provider but I will make sure you learn about the Black experience all over the world and being with a Black woman will guarantee love and respect. 

Tell me your pet stories, help me make time faster!

 Please adopt from shelters. Maybe foster too.

Thanks for reading!

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