The Fan with Trust Issues

You know when you really love and trust someone, and that person betrays you? Well, that’s not exactly what happened to me. What I’ll talk about was actually less harmful, but harmful nonetheless. My love was for books and movies, and the betrayal came from the authors, actors and/or creators. These people, who created amazing stories full of love, used their voice in harmful ways and showed no attempt to grow and provide reparations for their actions. I think it’s sad that their actions many times contradict what the very characters they created stand for and I hope they realize that.

Now, I’m not trying to make everything about me, but what am I supposed to do? I feel like someone I admired just broke my heart and consuming their works (which helped me make sense of the world and myself) means that I’m neglecting the harm they did. Consequently, I don’t know if I can trust any author, director or actor anymore! Who can I look up to if there’s a chance that I’ll be scrolling through Facebook on Saturday morning just to find out about their crazy Twitter rant denying someone’s humanity? Sure, they can, in principle, say whatever they want, just like you can do whatever you want, but harmful actions and words need to have consequences and reparations. Indeed, since the industry itself usually doesn’t ensure such consequences and reparations, it remains that us, the fanbase, hold the perpetrators accountable. And how can we do that? By ceasing to consume their art and, therefore, provide them with monetary rewards; because it seems like people don’t really feel like they messed up until their pockets become light.

But man… These stories mean something to me. And many times, the art created a community that stands against such hurtful words and actions. So how can this community prevail without endorsing the person who betrayed our trust? If we are talking about books, buying used books seems to be a way, so that you can still enjoy the art without supporting the author. But things won’t be the same. Because sometimes I have trouble separating the author from their books.

By now I’m getting more and more used to these artistic breakups. I become a little closed off to some people’s work for a couple of days, but then I begin to trust them again – until they, too, mess up! At least I think I can trust Ben & Jerry’s and have them with me through these hard times while I sit on my couch looking at a turned-off TV. Anyway, I like to have hope that people want to grow and spread love, and the price I pay for that hope is disappointment. It hurts and I kind of understand when people just stop trusting others, but I do have hope. I love reading and watching movies, and I hope that these breakups become less and less frequent. I hope that people who caused harm commit to repairing their harm as much as possible and learning from their mistakes. I know I’m trying to grow like that.

Oh, and one last thing. Please LEGO, don’t make me break up with you! I love you and there is (literally) no other like you!

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