What to do, what not to do? The COVID question.

I don’t think I realized the importance of having a routine to my daily life until this pandemic basically turned my daily plans upside down. Maybe it doesn’t help that I’m unemployed right now. Nor does it help that I haven’t fully transitioned out of my college life, which consisted solely of eating, studying, working, and sleeping(ish). But now that I am unemployed and have no school obligations, I have nothing but time and the question becomes: how do I spend my time?

Thus began my journey towards what seemed like an ancient, forgotten practice: a hobby. I needed not only a hobby, but a multitude of them to fill up my day. After a little experimenting, I found different hobbies that I like. First, I started reading for fun again. But for a change, I am reading all kinds of books, from historical fiction to comic books. This is a great hobby, but the problem is that I end up getting too hooked on the books and spend hours in a day reading (which one would think means I read a LOT of books but I’m a slow reader). My second hobby is writing, which I haven’t been able to keep up with as much fervor. I started writing a short story, but I only add to it once every two weeks. Part of me wishes I worked on it more consistently so that I can finish the story by the end of the year. I also started taking care of plants, though right now I don’t own any plants so, realistically, I can only hope to be a plant nanny for someone. My last hobby is less conventional and, well… much more expensive. As many others who share that same interest say, I came out of my “dark ages”: I got into building LEGO as an adult. If you don’t know, LEGO is a kind of toy where you put together a bunch of square pieces to make something cool, and they actually get wildly creative and involved. The only problem is the price of LEGO sets. They are so expensive that I managed to buy one set and now I spend a long time looking at YouTube videos of people talking about the sets I can’t afford. I know, YouTube has something for everyone, even broke adults who like to build toys. 

Basically my problem is to find a way of putting my hobbies into a routine. From the time I spend watching YouTube, to my rare writing sessions, I want to spread these activities throughout my days in a balanced manner. My days so far have been so laid back that I feel like, by the end of it, I haven’t accomplished anything. Though I know that’s not necessarily true, having a routine helps me feel like I am constantly growing and learning. And it turns out that me feeling like I’m spending my time productively actually helps me enjoy my day more (this may seem obvious but I grew up without ever hearing the word self-care). This week, I will try to use Google Calendar to create a schedule for myself and I hope I can write at least twice a week. I also hope that, as soon as I have a consistent income, I can start saving to buy more LEGO sets to give life to the sets I watch people build online (since 3D glasses don’t work).

I guess this post was kind of scatter-brained, but it shares some of my mundane concerns during these times. I feel like with all that’s going on, it can be good to focus on some of the small things that we enjoy. Let me know how you have been having fun lately with all that’s going on in the world.

Oh! And if you are looking for something to watch, my nerdy ass feels the obligation to recommend the show LEGO Masters. So far none of my friends actually followed through with my recommendation, but you never know…

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