Writing Again

In a span of a year, I stopped writing because I had other priorities going on in my life that affected my creativity, deserting my hobbies. It was also within this time frame when I decided to stop going to therapy. Because I learned the tools I needed to live as fully as I can for the time being. 

And  the year 2020 has presented itself as a difficult challenge that has touched every part of the world.That’s why remembering my small joys and many hobbies are needed right now. They give me hope. Having a healthy dose of hope is what keeps us going, fighting, believing there is better. And reminders of how we have overcome something we thought impossible,especially now is more important than ever. As I was experiencing accomplishments and challenges in the past two years, I kept myself from writing. Every time I thought of writing or had an idea to explore, I felt, or still feel insecure about my opinions. 

So I’m trying to make a change, believe in myself and my abilities. This new ambition comes from the experiences I definitely needed to live through. I feel great knowing I was able to have a great job that allows me to work in my community. I got accepted into graduate school in hopes to get paid by being mediator and listener. I moved to a more stable and sustainable space and my relationships are becoming more healthier. I am paying for the blog too so a girl gotta stop wasting money. My hope is to continue to express myself and to be the person I hope for myself to become. My hope is that the world will yearn for harmony and yield to the basic human instinct of being part of a community. My hope is there, it’s barely making it through but it’s there. And my goal is that I will hear from others who also wish for a better world.

What about you, What brings you hope? 

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