I Want To Read More

This page is an addition to my plentiful story, I loved reading books and it really hard a strong hold on me when parents naturally censored TV shows and music. I instead used books to learn about all the things they were shielding me from. Relationships, violence, sex and other PG16 things.

Some of you are like:

You: Really? rebelling with books?

Me: YES honey, you name it!

In Zambia, the internet was not accessible in family homes and I knew nothing about the internet until I came to the US. Here I understood what emails and social media was. You, in developed countries were raving about Myspace by then. Any who, I read it all, everything I could find.

From Harry Potter to HIV/AIDS prevention short stories handed to upperclassmen and college students (they had a lot of relationship drama. Trust me).

So because I still feel pretty passionate about reading and I have awesome book recommendations from friends. Why not do a quick fun segment were you learn of the books I loved to read and hopefully you also get excited to read them too.


A great book I’m reading, probably post #2

It will force me to finish some books still waiting and make me feel well rounded. Join my book club, it will be a literary journey.

Thank you for reading!

Please share your “need to read” moments and book recommendations.

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