I’m Back and I’m Better

Good things really do come slowly and according to my partner, ALSO when you work hard to achieve it. And it finally happened to me! I have a full time employment. On top of that, it has the potential of being my first step into family therapy profession. The location is great and it will allow me to expand on my education and skills so that I can be the best therapist I can be for the families I serve.

In the week of the interview for this job, I had two other interviews for two different companies scheduled in already. And after so many interviews, I just assumed I’d leave empty handed. I tried my best using the dwindling hope and spirit left inside of me.

To paint a picture of for those outside the human services sector. With all the licenses and all the NEEDED confidentiality clauses set in place. It’s hard to find full-time employment that can sustain your living expenses without getting a second job. They wanted an employee with more experience because you want the best to empower those facing many challenges who has the best skill set.

But you are like “Dude, then get another job” NO! My goal for the next year and a half is apply and get into graduate school. Grad school will be my other job, trust me, there is a method to my madness.

So at that time, many interviews asked me to prepare ten minute presentations during the first or second interviews. Others asked for 1-2 paragraphs of a response to a scenario or pre-screening questions were asked before the interview. Leaving each interview wishing they told me there and then whether I got the job or not.

My new job wasn’t any different and they still asked for multiple interviews and days passed by. Two interviews, negations and background checks later. I was officially employed baby!

It’s great to feel stable and finally share that this stage of my life is ending. With a new chapter starting, am hoping I continue to gain more skills, experiences and build more bridges in my community.

Thank you for reading! What is your goal or what steps are you taking to reach those goals.

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