Healthy Living, This Shit is Hard

Have you tried eating healthy, because forget what they tell you, this shit is hard. When I was in school, stress eating and fast foods worked well to temporarily remind me what joy feels like. It was a learned habit that I grew into being away from home cooked foods to having the time or appetite to eat take-out or restaurant foods. And it was easy, before a grocery store was added close by, buying cheaper groceries meant traveling in public transportation for 20 minutes. Adding the fact that perhaps you want to stick to your roots and buy ethic foods and ingredients. Understand it will be up to 40 minutes to an hour. In the meantime, fast food is nothing but five minutes away. The university isn’t a food dessert but the grocery stores placed there are 2 times more expensive and rob you of the little money you have as a student. So I eat poorly and gained up to 40 lbs in two years.

two people holding chips and fried chicken

When I moved back home, I thought I left the temptations behind but girl! Cookies, yogurt, pizza, bread, fast foods, juice were very present in this space too! I told myself that I have done it before, I have succumb to my weakness of eating carelessly and this your time to try to really pay attention to what was doing to my body and hated it. It’s been about three weeks now and though I have cheated here and there, I haven’t had fast foods and anything that has very high caloric intake that I don’t need. As my close friends know, I enjoy regular poops and when anybody isn’t eating right, constipation and other discomforts just adds to the already damp days of winter. What I noticed was that when my eating habits were finally in order and I am eating smaller regular portions. I am changing my snacks from chips to fruits and I hope to stop snacking for good. Though it was a short time frame, I am using the bathroom for number 2 regularly, body feels like mine again and this is me working at making my insides feel good.

I learned that I have loud, strong food cravings and eat when I am bored. Remembering my goals isn’t about losing weight or gaining muscle. Or any other fitness fad that makes you feel like your body isn’t enough. I am doing it to feel like I am in control of my body, understanding what works and what doesn’t to keep my temple flawless on the inside. I challenge you all to do something that would make you feel healthier and your body will celebrate it by surprising you with the many abilities it can do. For example my past goals are: 

  • Reduce eating out and eat natural foods
  • Run at least 1 mile a week
  • Drink more water in a week
  • Have a good sleep schedule
  • Try not to hold grudges

grayscale photo of a man running

And I managed to do 3 out of the 5 listed and I feel physically better than before. Not holding grudges and communicating my feelings no matter how bad they are. This in turn helps my mental health, hence having a sense of ease and room for happier thoughts and feelings. Reduced eating out and running a mile turned to running 3 miles a week because I am getting better. So please trying to start doing things that make your body feel great, on the inside without the focus on how it looks on the outside.  

Thank you for reading Lovelies!

Comment below your goals to help your body feel better on the inside?

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