Graduated and Unemployed

I graduated from my University and it took me five years to be here today. I am on my 2nd month out of college and it’s been a whirlwind of emotions. Achievements and setbacks are filling up my bucket, but more especially I have been spending a lot of gambling with opportunities that come by. Before college was almost over, trying to convince myself to keep fighting and to keep going because you can finally say BYEE BITCHES! And the relief that I felt after I passed my last classes was so worth it. It was an ease I haven’t had in a long time falling asleep with no lingering feeling of forgetting, missing or failing classes.

IMG_3898 (2)Currently $13,500 in loans and with only four months left for the interest to start up, I needed a plan, something had to happen. With my major, I know my prospects would be harder because it involves working with the vulnerable and challenging issues individuals/families go through. And for many of these jobs need more experience, education and licenses. Like you know how school counselors need graduate school, then clinical experience with clients, shadowing, more shit with getting your license to finally say I can apply for that school counselor position. Which is still great because ain’t nobody wants an uneducated, biased and inexperienced person to help students figure out their lives. Real talk education is who and how we live so I get it… But what can me and the millions of other college graduates do with our generalized majors. I am in the social sciences and I was terrified of the real world. Friends within these majors are still unemployed or struggling to find a livable wage. I thought maybe joining Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, some Corps to gain more expensive and maybe have my loans deferred. While also trying my best to move out of my parents’ house and gain my independence and ideally live my best life.BUT for that to happen I must get a grip on reality, I am a college undergraduate with some experience and a major that requires grad school to practice as a therapist. So between January and February, I apply to probably 30 jobs, got rejected from many, was requested to 7 interviews and 2 second round interviews and 2 job offers that I rejected. Yup, rejected, I gambled with my future because I believe it can be better. I can have better work conditions, better benefits, better workloads, more progression, better location and a better salary. I came from believing I am worth $30,000 to feeling like nah!! I am worth $45,000 muthafucka!!

*****DISCLAIMER: Me and nobody else is worth a penny, we are priceless but the assets like education and experience is a way to ask for a better salary and benefits. KNOW YOU WORTH*****

Anyways, I have been gambling with my opportunities hoping for more and the nerves I have afterwards crazy. Turned down interviews and believe it or not forgot to go to an important interview that could have potentially get me on my set goal. But nope, I slept through the interview appointment, thinking it would be on the next day. Learned about it when listening to voicemail and I could hear my internal, spiritual being cry. And quite honestly, I am still waiting and looking for more job prospects. The pressure is on, it’s like I am running a marathon that I keep lengthening and I don’t know how long I can run before my legs fall off. But I guess I’ll have to use hands instead.

Copy of IMG_3885 (2)Right now, I do have a part time job and live with my parents, so I am not struggling but I must make progress to move forward, need a full-time job with more than $40,000 in the cities and then I apply for grad school. Struggle in grad school, become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Then wait and see what else I’ll add to this long ass marathon. So please stay motivated, be courageous and show up to those scary ass interviews. Fake it till you make it, I’m faking it and I can’t wait to make it. And honestly, do it on your own terms, figure it all out but don’t stall, you might forget the interview like I did. Ha-ha I can’t believe I messed up the date for an interview.

Anyways Thank you for reading lovelies!

Comment below your own graduated and unemployed moments? Did you also forget an interview?

2 thoughts on “Graduated and Unemployed

  1. CŁmūsiquė says:

    I feel like I’m running in a maze and that there’s really no way out right now. I have so much work to do and so many people around the world competing to get exaclty what I want. I am not the best, I Have struggled throughout college and I know I’m gonna continue to do so. I know at some point it may even kill me, I’ve considered it many times, but no matter how much it is affecting me it is also something I can’t let go of… I don’t want to stoo doing what I love if money is the problem…. I’m running in circles and i am also running out of time… I feel like I’ll never be good enough, not for my family, not for my lovers, not for myself. I feel like utter trash and even trash is better than me. I don’t know how but I am still going. I hope to be able to tell you a different story a few years from now. Love you queen!


    • Clarissa says:

      Hello Cleemus,
      I understand that life doesn’t seem as good as they tell you on paper or even by our families but I can tell you this. Everyone doesn’t have it figured out. All you can do for yourself is find the resources and support that can make you feel more confident in yourself. Am not a licensed therapist but trust me when I say therapy can make us understand what’s going on. So please seek professional counseling and I hope you keep me updated on your progress. Thanks for being vulnerable and truly reflective of your experiences. It’s hard to do for a lot of people. Good luck


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