My Favorite Podcasts

When music doesn’t do it for me, podcast as the way to go. In this fast moving metropolitan lifestyle, podcasts are the way to go man. They help with  the long drives, light rail commutes and foggy Midwestern days, giving me a little pep to my day. I love that they help me learn and laugh, but most importantly I feel validated by the opinions and bodies of work that each host provides. I digress, the following are my eight favorite podcasts, not in order whatsoever:

Black Girl PodcastFive great friends and career driven 20-somethings:  Rebecca “Bex” Francois, Sapphira Martin, Alysha Pamphile, Gia Peppers and Deanii “Scottie Beam” Scott. Bring in for me a sense of authentic conversations and true conversational banter I would have with my own close friends. They challenge each other, acknowledge each other’s accomplishments and suffering. I listen to this when I am commuting and doing errands. It’s a great way to know that even those who seem put together, are dealing with issues as anyone should. I am learning that as a Black woman I need to acknowledge my strengths and take care of me.

Ted Talks DailyTED Talks DailyCreated by the TED organization, if you love Ted-talks and want to have it everyday without the hassle of pulling out a YouTube video or go to their site. This podcast helps me feel like there are people who are trying to make the world a better place. Its for all beings alike and it’s even more motivating when I listen to those within my generation talk about the world. If you want to learn something and feel smart y’all, listen to it.

Small DosesAmanda Seales provides a small does of any major topics that the Black community are wondering, dealing with and lacking. The host and creator of funny, black and smart really brings in the realities of life and the Ls we take. My favorite episodes are “white women”, “toxic friends” and “f*ckboys”. She is the embodiment of excellency and strength that she said, takes work and self evaluation that created the person she is. She knows herself worth, keeps the people she likes and knows when there is need for improvement. She for me helped see the light on the other side, the love I need to have for myself and how holding everyone accountable is the damn humane thing to do. And boyyyy did I spend my college career doing that. If you want to be validated by another sister, go on ahead and she funny too.And she is in show “Insecure” y’all.

Modern Love Modern LoveArticle in the New York Times published every week of essays of love, loss and redemption. Now they have a podcast were celebrities read each essay and tell the nations stories. With updates from the writers and their experiences dealing with the root of their modern love story. For a moment, listening to this, you learn the humanity in the world and the way love exudes in different ways. It was introduced to me by my counseling skills professor, with an assignment to write a Modern Love Essay, giving the class access to a couple essays. I didn’t like my essay but I loved the segment, since you need a subscription to the New York Times. The podcast is the way to go, they have a YouTube channel too. But with the podcast, I feel like I’m listening to the writer face to face.

Therapy for Black GirlsTherapy For Black GirlsHosted by the amazing therapy for literally Black girls by Dr. Joy, a licensed psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia. She hosts discussions with licensed professionals to discuss various topics that many Black women are dealing with. And she brings in ideas and tips on how to deal with them, own them and speaks honestly about the struggle. It is not a replacement for therapy with a licensed therapists, so if you are liking the idea of having a Black FEMALE therapists, her website holds lists of many therapists readily there to ignite your Black girl magic. Having this helps me get informed tips with issues I was dealing with or recognizing something that was causing a problem but having her define and name it really helped relieve some garbage.

Cults03702711c47585433a6269089d3a76ab57be814d5cbaf1430e53c4e9de812fb2ddc11a7cb7de02f851e2f9db8dd9249987f487cfc3bd05c7ede6bd571af40d79.jpeg?ixlib=rails 2.1YUP, you saw it, it literally the histories of real cults that happened all over the world. Including one that happened in Zambia. The Parcast network, does a great job researching its history, the psychology of the cult leaders, how members are recruited. Its downfall or whatever current status the cults are in right at this moment. And its a whirl wind of information, murders, incest, money laundering, militarism, sex, narcissism and an odd sense of badassary. How far people can believe these insane, baseless religions is difficult to understand. It had me reflect on the larger religions and how many are following them. And how the separation of spirituality and religion, religion and politics and more importantly, religion and sexuality is necessary in the world. They are great storytellers and keep you on your feet, don’t make the mistake to look up the cult leaders because you will be like, “that guy influenced people?” You won’t believe it.

Bodega BoysImage result for Bodega BoysThey are the reason I started listening to podcasts. Hosted by Desus and Mero sounding off their 15 minute AKAs and I am still astounded at how they could add more to their list. They talk about trending topics in hip pop, social media, politics and anything else they are feeling. They are hilariously killing the game with creative characters they portray and the chemistry they have with each other is real. They helped me through the Trump elections and learned the struggles living in New York with my Midwestern ass. The real importance of owning your culture and making sure you bank on it authentically because you are creating history. They are hilarious in VICE’s Deus and Mero show but they are moving to bigger things and will be on air soon with another network. AND YOOO, their commentary is everything, check them out.  

Serial KillersAvatars 000294985794 z9f4ls original.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1 Parcast is killing it with the mystery shit. But let me tell y’all! These serial people be sick as hell, and the realities of their lives that affected many others. With many still alive in prison and some dead, Parcast again does a good job again, telling the stories, narratives and psychology. The justice system, mental health, narcissism and evil. And I enjoy mysteries and I just started listening to their new “Mythology” series. And I honestly love their storytelling and it keeps me interested and at the end of the day, I feel like I learned I am not as messed up as I think I am. No Ma’am.

If there are many more out there, find yours and let yourself becoming enchanted with stories.

Thank you for reading lovelies. Comment below, have you listened to these podcasts and what would you recommend?

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