Don’t Be Fooled

As I am doing my laundry and washing my sheets after 3 months, gross I know but I have no regrets, FIGHT ME!

Anyways as I am doing laundry, completely distracted from Instagram, filled with civil rights activists and politicians who are working passionately to rid of the microaggressions in the front lines. But don’t be fooled I still follow baddies and follow the clout here and there. Mostly me focused on watching Black women working out and being baddies in the gym. The point is social media is helping me be aware of what is really going on, both the good and bad of the world. Obviously it’s great to hear about the changes and progress that is going on in America, but it’s flooded with the many things wrong with it right now. I am a black woman, two minorities in one and I can’t imagine what my other fellow minorities are feeling who have more.

Hearing from all walks of life and medium who are competent in discussing politics say that the current political climate here in the USA is getting more hostile. But in my opinion is greatly false, it has been hidden from those who chose to look the other way, too privileged to care or too scared to help. Now with this administration disrupting the lives of the Chads, Amandas, Brooks and Matts of middle America. Yes Jessica! Public Schools were trash but will get less resources and teachers to educate your children because you can’t afford private school.

Head in HandsOr Brad, let’s talk about the limiting financial aid provided to college students. Because here the bullshit; if you have too many scholarships perhaps not enough to cover the full expense, the federal grants will disappear. Even though you calculated that hmm…maybe combining the federal grants and scholarships will keep you out of debt. NO HONEY CHILD, They want you in debt, so you better have a full ride because your only option is to pay out of pocket and collect loans. Health care plans are barely affordable with many fearing that would have to choose between debt or death. The rich will get tax breaks and massive tax returns they don’t deserve. Meanwhile many of the US population, specifically you Sydney will suffer from debt, poverty and continued suffering.

Yet all the “Beckys with the good hair” out there who voted for this administration… The ultimate betrayal to all women. Because I don’t know what kind of Handmaid tale story you dealing with OfJack but you are poisoning yourself. Encouraging misogyny, dictate your sexuality and freaking destroy your identity of being more than a woman!


down angle photography of red clouds and blue sky

Look into the picture to calm down with me.

As I breath my way through the bigotry and lies , I want you to know in this era we still have to fight for equal human rights. The foolishness. Let’s not continue this historical story of oppression and perhaps treat vulnerable people as good as you treat your rescued pets. Because we live in a country that does exactly that, treat vulnerable communities in all disregard of their humanity.

To the Minorities in denial of inequality and discrimination, especially those who are telling us to move on because it was a long time ago. Keep being their Jester or Joker, fluffing their baleful dicks. And you will be left behind at the shores of an active volcanic island  watching the lifeboats leaving you with nothing but the dirt in your mouths.

This rant is a short entrance into my as I believe in equality, justice and truth. Truly I learned sharing love is the easiest thing to do but the hardest to give. But pushing everyone away, it will continue to make you feel more lonely and empty.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us.”

– Stephen King On Writing: a Memoir of the Craft.

Thank you for reading this!   What are your frustrations with the political climate? 

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