Study Sessions Filled with Love

Our rendition of spending time together is spent literally studying together. And being this space has been interesting. Together it’s been great, trekking for places to study knowing we would either end up in the library or math building. Watching him talk to his classmates about induction and sets that gets me more attracted to him, more so because his so inspired and captivated by the subject. Watching him get stressed as he rubbed his face, tugs his hair and crack his fingers, better yet his whole body. In the meantime I immediately fall behind on my homework and slap myself for getting distracted, DAMN THE NERDING YOU DO BABE!. We do it long distance too, each person working on their craft and just makes sense.

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His a great motivator, he won’t allow me to slack and even though he still hasn’t convinced me to work out. He makes it seem like its all doable, he believes in the capabilities that I don’t know I possess. And I won’t lie, I am still struggling and turning in work late and losing momentum like always which low key great because I know I am not losing myself in this relationship by not procrastinating too much or not at all (kinda hoped not at all but…. Oh well). In a way we know how far the other can go and it’s beautiful to watch each other succeed. My partner supporting me when I finally pooped after being constipated for a week, me supporting him when he finally understand the math work he does. His a geek about me and me about him. For now it’s all the matters. If we do get bored about it, best believe there will be more trifling or serious goals we would support each other in.

Thank you for reading! Comment below how do you spend time with the people or things you love? How do you recieve or show your support. Appreciation needs to start somewhere, why not for those who are there for you.

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