First Snow Fall

Amazingly enough in October, not having the habit of opening my blinds to know the appropriate clothes to wear in this spontaneous fall weather. I get a wonderful Sunday morning call informing the horror that was happening outside. And you guys! It was snowing in October! Freaking October, I am a black woman who somehow have to accept that I will be in the snow for what? Six months… I need to breath through this because my toes and face will be frozen. And a real tear will be shed whenever I have to walk for more than five minutes so why not talk about the few things that maybe the reason why I could enjoy it if I didn’t have responsibilities that forced me to physically go outside. Crazy I know, so what do I appreciate about these long ass winters:


white ceramic cup with white cream

Hot White Chocolate. Yes, I added specifics, my university’s library has a cafe that makes the best Hot Chocolate. It fills the void I feel inside when I am in between hungry and tired during the middle of the day. It gives me the hope that I can make it through the day. It does help that the chocolate sweetness makes it so much better.

puppy covered with blanket

Warm Blankets. Snuggling in four blankets without any guilt is now possible, all you can say is that its cold!

blur close up coffee coffee cup

Wool socks. You are finally able to give your feet the love they deserve! They great feeling of wiggling your toes and the wool will massage your 8:00AM – 9:00PM warn out feet.

blur breakfast close up dairy product

Comfort Foods. Always stuffing my face with readily available pies, casseroles, stews and soups. I love food, can’t cook well though, but I still love food.


Holidays. Halloween Candy and excuses to cling onto your partner if it terrifies you too. Thanksgiving brings close ones together and great food in the same space. Aisha I am talking to you girl! Anjera, sambusa and tea is all I ask for. Also FUCK the European invasion of American that caused the Native American population. Just a quick share for those who didn’t know my stance on it. And all the awesome holidays that allow time of school and work that allows me do to all the things listed here in one go.  

girl emotions pet animals

Cuddle Season. Finally the most important form of collecting the necessary affection and comfort from your loved ones that if you were a kid would increase your brain development and for adults well it means you get to re-energize and have a great immune system. I love to cuddle, my partner kinda had to get used to it, started asking for them too and it warms my heart. Caressing each other with all the love and attention necessary is the best form of love I enjoy the most.


I live in a state where in the winter the air hurts your face, you can’t feel your thighs, nose, lips, fingers, toes, knees because the wind chill is too close below -10 below zero. So being a bum and still accomplishing most of my goals is enough for me. Maybe I won’t be going out as much or attending events that needs to be attended BUT JUST LET ME LIVE! IT’S TOO COLD OUT THERE! But understand that as long as you are surviving it in the most positive healthy way. The winter blues will have a hard time getting to you too. Tell me then, how do you combat the long or short winter wherever you are? And those who have never seen or felt snow and you over there like ooh it must be pretty! Understand that you are blessed!

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