Before You Begin

Hello all,

I am a Black woman in my twenties living in Midwest America learning to love and live. I am an African immigrant from Rwanda but I have lived in Zambia for a large portion of my life. Being in the USA with new identities; a woman, Black, U.S citizen and college educated. I have so many aspirations and expectations of what I am supposed to do with my time, I am using this space to express myself, to maintain my mental health and use this privilege to advocate about topics I am most interested in.

img_6154For now I am learning to really love every part of me and having the courage to demand it from myself. This intern would lead me to live at my fullest potential, because I know I am capable of so much but I also barricade my own crown. So in this blog, I hope to be authentic and transparent with myself and hope that it will provide another point of view for others like me. Black, questioning, reinventing and hopeful. I wish to talk about my adversities, successes, teachable moments, of course humor and most importantly,  highlight humanitarian experiences.

My college professor said to keep challenging myself, being it getting a master’s degree or PhD, getting that tattoo, letting go of lost love and loving my hair. To follow the theme of human complexity, the topics discussed will be of interest to me first then challenge my thinking with new and opposing issues. I uphold the notion to keep trying because I can never predict what the future holds but I know that will go a long way.  Enjoy the read, I know I am.

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